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Zurich Airport Brasil constantly invests in the improvement of services, providing a unique experience to passengers and visitors. A great diversity of stores and services, between Brazilian and international brands, a mix between local desire and initiative brands to provoke the sense of the place are available at our airports to provide customers with more shopping options and convenience.

For businessmen, merchants, entrepreneurs and investors, our airports are business opportunities, with a steady and growing flow of people, stability of contracts and countless possibilities.




  • Continuous and uninterrupted flow of consumers: passengers, visitors, airport community, meeters and greeters
  • Diverse mix, optimizing entertainment and leisure in the space
  • Intuitive customer path
  • Harmonization of space design based on an attractive and international concept
  • Engagement with the brand in an environment of good times
  • Development beyond passengers. A moment of convenience and experience for the entire region


Airport Media: promote your brand to thousands of users

The media spaces at our airports are designed in a different way to provide a good experience for our customers.

Versatility and personification

  • Variety of advertising opportunities
  • Planned spaces, with larger dimensions and aligned with the look and feel of the airport
  • Strategic locations: high flow and easy to see
  • Advertising in harmony with the airport, ensuring the well-being of those passing through the place
  • Customized possibilities: activation + advertising

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