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Zurich Airport Brasil continually invests to connect people and destinations. We have in our DNA a differentiated vision for the development of the aviation market, valuing the cultural and economic specificities of the places where our airports are located.

Our Air Business team works together with airlines, local authorities and the tourist market to develop and create opportunities for new routes, sustainability of current routes and full support for new operations. Our objective is to maintain a long-term and successful partnership with the companies that operate at our airports, focusing on the quality of services.

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O Floripa Airport operates with the main airlines in the country and has an opportunity for growth, having invested in infrastructure to make Florianópolis International Airport a reference in Brazil. Mark of this, are its recent conquests; elected the best airport in Brazil in 2020 and 2021, consecutively, according to a survey carried out by the Civil Aviation Department (SAC).

→ In 2019, the complex with Terminal, four times larger than the old one, Boulevard 14/32, Panoramic Terrace and Pocket Park was inaugurated, built in record time: 1 year and 8 months of work.

→ Y Floripa Airport is the gateway to Santa Catarina, and connects Florianópolis with important tourist and industrial destinations for the State;

→ It is strategically located in the heart of the South of the country, ideal to be the “Focus City” of an Intra-South network.

 Infrastructure - Technical Specifications (SBFL/FLN) - Airport Infrastructure

→ Terminal: Capacity for 8 MM passengers; 49 thousand square meters of built area;
→ AD INTL / H24;
→ 10 boarding bridges and 13 gates;
→ Main Track: 14/32 - 2400x45 - 78 FAXT IFR - CAT I;
→ Secondary Track: 03/21 - 1320x45 - 26 RBXT IFR - CAT I;
→ It has 10 Fingers; 16 Remote Positions; 13 Gates = 26 Positions;
→ Recorded 31 thousand aircraft movements (2019);
→ Largest Aircraft = B777-300ER;
→ Cargo Terminal - National and International.
→ Lowest airport closing rate in southern Brazil.

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Florianópolis and the state of Santa Catarina

In the last three years, Florianópolis has been among the national rankings, as the best city to live in South America (Tourist Maker): smart city (Ranking Connected Smart Cities), entrepreneurial and competitive (Endeavor) and hospitable (Airbnb).

More recently, Florianópolis stood out as the “Silicon Island”, being the 2nd largest city in Brazil in terms of density of companies with a vocation for the technology economy.

Santa Catarina is the third most developed state in the country, the sixth largest economy in Brazil and the 2nd most competitive Brazilian state.

In socioeconomic numbers, it surpasses neighboring states, as the 3rd in the highest income level and Human Development Index (HDI), in addition to the lowest poverty rate in the country.


Vitória Airport also operates with the main airlines in the country and with opportunities for expansion, having invested in infrastructure to make Vitória International Airport a national reference. Mark of this, are also its recent conquests. In the years 2020 and 2021, it jumped in the national ranking from 8th to 3rd best airport in Brazil, according to a survey carried out by SAC.

→ Opened in March 2019, the new terminal has a privileged location, located in the heart of the city, close to the beach and the main neighborhoods of Vitória.

→ The airport is the gateway to Espírito Santo, and connects the capital of Espírito Santo with national tourist and industrial destinations, with a premium market profile. It also stands out in the offshore market, as a center for these services in its region.

→ It has support from the state, city and concessionaire for the creation of intermodal connectivity, reduction of operating costs, access to infrastructure, government incentives to support operations.

airport infrastructure

→ Terminal: Capacity of 8,4 MM passengers; 29.5 thousand square meters of built area;

→ AD DOM / H24;

→ 6 boarding bridges and 8 gates;

→ Lane 1: Main: 02/20 - 2058x45 – ASPH 86 FBXT IFR CAT I;

→ Lane 2: 06/24 - 1750/45 – ASPH 45 FBXT IFR CAT I;

→ It has 6 Fingers; 5 Remote Positions; 8 Gates = 11 Positions;

→ Recorded 27 thousand aircraft movements (2019);

→ Largest Aircraft = B777-300ER;

→ Cargo Terminal - National and International / 3rd largest in the country in cargo shipped by domestic flight.

Vitória and the state of Espírito Santo

The city of Vitória is a thriving metropolis, with excellent economic indices and the fourth highest per capita income in ES. It has a diversified economy and, according to the Entrepreneurial Cities Index (ICE), it is the 4th best city to undertake in Brazil.

The metropolitan region of Vitória has more than 2 million inhabitants and 50% of the state's population.

Espírito Santo has great economic and productive vocations. The state's economy is marked by productive differentiation and diversity of business vocations. Proof of this, he was elected in 2021, the 6th in the competitiveness ranking in the country.


→ Macaé Airport stands out with great potential in the tourist and business sector.

→ Macaé airport is a national reference in the offshore sector, serving hundreds of maritime units in the Campos Basin, with complete solutions for the processing of passengers and cargo of companies in the field.

→ This achievement took place after Zurich Airport Brasil took over the management of the airport and made commercial flights possible.

→ As of 2023, with the new airport complex and the expansion of the current runway, the airport will be able to operate with even larger aircraft, enabling the expansion of the offer of destinations.

Airport Infrastructure

→ Terminal: Capacity for 2 MM passengers; 5.6 thousand square meters of built area;

→ AD DOM / H24;

→ 2 Remote Positions and 1 Gate;

→ 40 Positions for Helicopters;

→ 1 Take-off and Landing Runway;

→ 06/24 – 1.200x30m – ASPH 19 FCWT IFR;

→ Registered ≈ 20 thousand aircraft movements (2019) – offshore market.

→ Largest Aircraft = ATR -72.

Macaé and the state of Rio de Janeiro

Located in Rio de Janeiro, it has a special vocation for the oil, gas and energy sector, with good installed capacity and infrastructure.

According to the ranking of competitiveness of the municipalities, Macaé has the second highest level of average income from work, highlighted by the high consumption potential. And it is the second city of Rio de Janeiro, behind only the Capital, in tourism infrastructure, such as hotels and restaurants.

Among the national economies, Rio de Janeiro is the 2nd richest in the country and the 4th in terms of per capita income and national HDI. The state stands out for its human capital, as the 2nd most developed in Brazil.


→ Opened in 2014, it is located 30 km from the center of Natal. The air terminal was the first in the country to be granted to the private sector, when the airport concession rounds began in Brazil.

→ In May 2023, Zurich Airport Brasil, a company that belongs to the Swiss group Zurich Airport, won the airport's re-bidding auction.

→ The Brasil Cargo Terminal at Natal Airport was designed to receive various types of domestic or international cargo. The total area of ​​TCB Natal is 18 thousand m², with more than 4 thousand m² of built area. The structure has cutting-edge technology and can process loads of different types.

airport infrastructure

→ Terminal: capacity for 6,5 million passengers

→ Landing and Take-Off Runway: 3.000 mx 60 m runway prepared (12/30)

→ Airport Category: Category F - qualified to operate with aircraft such as A380

→ Operational area: 40 thousand m²

→ Check-in positions: 42 positions

→ Remote Aircraft Positions: 10 positions

→ Boarding bridges: 6 boarding bridges, two of which are double (capacity to operate 8 aircraft)

Natal and the state of Rio Grande do Norte

With a population of more than 3,5 million inhabitants, Rio Grande do Norte is the seventeenth most populous state in Brazil, having the highest per capita income in the Northeast region. The capital of Rio Grande do Norte is home to more than 880 thousand people, almost 25% of the state's population. 

Due to its geographical location, which forms a vertex to the northeast of South America, Rio Grande do Norte is considered one of the "corners" of Brazil and the continent. The main economic source is centered on the tertiary sector, with its various segments of commerce and service provision, with tourism being one of the most significant.

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