Bring your event to the airport

The Place To Be concept transforms airport areas into spaces for large events and experiences, with the advantage of being safe and controlled places.

Our events team works focused on the vocation of each of our airports to develop the best events and actions together with partners.

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Countless possibilities

  • shows
  • Activating events for your brand
  • Visit kids at the airport
  • Panoramic terrace for events
  • airport tour
  • Sports event
  • Corporate events
  • Conferences



Boulevard 14/32 is the first large airport event square in Brazil, and its name refers to the headboards of the airport's main runway. The 11 square meter area has a large covered space for events, with capacity for 2.600 people, making it an excellent leisure option in Florianópolis, with both indoor and open areas. A great advantage of Boulevard 14/32 for holding events is the mix of stores and services with international and regional brands. In addition to the security of holding your event in a controlled area with a large parking offer.

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Florianópolis International Airport has a Panoramic Terrace, from where visitors have a privileged view of the aircraft apron. The space has 600 square meters and is located to the right of the terminal, accessed from an external area. The terrace can also be rented for events and get-togethers, serving an audience of 192 people in different formats: auditorium, cocktail, round tables, among others.

Click here and access the floor plan of the Panoramic Terrace



A Pocket Park is a small park accessible to the general public and is located next to the Panoramic Terrace of the Floripa Airport. This outdoor environment has a Beach Tennis court and provides unique leisure and entertainment experiences in different event configurations.

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A complete structure, widely used for courses, it has a furnished auditorium for 40 people, with a kitchen structure and exclusive bathrooms. The Visitor Center also has a support room and a meeting room for 10 people.

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Access here the Zurich Airport Brasil Events Book


Event Table



 Area (m²)Length (m)Height (m)EventAuditorium
Palco493X 37 13,33,8__
Central Covered Area1368X 48 28,50102600900
Panoramic Terrace
Hall305X 24 152,65192150
Varanda113X 24,6 4,61 __
Visitor Center
Auditorium62,99,30 X 6,722,8_40
Foyer/Bar46,9X 4,95 9,482,840_
Reunion Island13,02X 4,40 32,8_10