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Zurich Airport Brasil has a differentiated vision of airport infrastructure in its DNA. We are more than administrators, we are airport developers. In this sense, the 3 airport sites - Florianópolis, Macaé and Vitória - have high potential for sustainable real estate development. The concessions, with a duration of 30 years, allow planning and stability to the investor. This guiding principle of management comes from the parent company Zurich Airport. The company manages nine airports in the Latin American, European and Asian markets, including the main airport in Switzerland. 

Recently, Zurich Airport opened the The Circle, an urban complex next to Zurich airport, which has become a new destination in the city. The space integrates different products and services, with parks, shops, restaurants, medical clinics and offices, where major events in the city also take place.

After feasibility studies, analyzes and consultancy, Zurich Airport Brasil finalized the Master Plan for the Vitória and Florianópolis airports, aiming at sustainable and long-term development. Contact us to find out more



  • Airport in the central region of the Capital, by the sea, with the best and last area for real estate development in the city
  • Airport site corresponds to 20% of the territory of Vitória
  • Real Estade at Vitória airport is considered the new centrality of the city
  • Around 1 million m2 of development area
  • Lots facing the BR-101, the beach and the avenues of great circulation such as Fernando Ferrari and Dante Micheli


City Concept 15 minutes

Located just 10 km away from the center of Vitória and in a strategic position, with easy access through different modes of Espírito Santo (roads, ports, airport, public transport), the airport complex stands out for being the last great space for city ​​real estate development. 

Serving the population of the metropolitan region of around 2 million people, the airport site has 5 million square meters and about 1 million square meters is considered for real estate (approximately 15% of the site).

The Master Plan developed by Zurich Airport Brasil indicates that the airport complex will be the new centrality of Vitória. The study identified 4 areas with well-defined vocation for development: Central Area, Retail Area, Service Area and Logistics Area. 

Central Area

Heart of Vitória's real estate development, with approximately 270.000 square meters of area, the so-called Central Area is the main attraction of the project and will be a new destination in Vitória, integrating itself into the city's routine.

  • Diversity of access: airport, highways, on foot, by bike or public transport
  • Unique entertainment and sports venue: with event arena, park, lake, gastronomic route
  • Projects connected to the airport and the city's daily life

Urban equipment with an identified trend towards space

  • referral hospital for Espírito Santo
  • Convention Center
  • center of commerce, services and entertainment
  • hotels
  • gastronomic route
  • sports arena
  • residential by subscription
  • long stay institute
  • lounge area around the lake
  • educational institution

Service area

With 177 square meters, the area is intended to be an automobile city, with an automotive resale and service center and premium brands operating in the city. It also has the potential to receive a referral hospital for Espírito Santo.

Retail Area

With 110 thousand square meters, the area is intended for large operators, mainly retailers, who seek to explore the commercial potential of the flow of vehicles and people on the main connection between Vitória and Serra. Located in front of Fernando Ferrari Avenue.

We currently have a Home Center (Leroy Merlin) in operation and advanced projects for the implementation of a wholesaler and a gas station.

Logistics Area

The city of Vitória has few available lands with the necessary size for logistical operations or similar. In order to serve operations that do not wish to install their operations in satellite regions of the city, approximately 340.000 square meters of logistics area will be developed. With easy access to the main road connections and the main ports of the State, it is the ideal point for operations. 



  • Airport is the gateway to Florianópolis and Santa Catarina.
  • Considered the hub of the south centrality of the city, the region with the greatest growth potential in Florianópolis


Florianópolis is considered one of the most desired cities in Brazil, due to its quality of life, safety and beauty. The city appears among the national rankings as the best city to live in South America (Tourist Maker): smart city (Ranking Connected Smart Cities), entrepreneurial and competitive (Endeavor) and hospitable (Airbnb). More recently, Florianópolis stood out as the “Silicon Island”, being the 2nd largest city in Brazil in terms of density of companies with a vocation for the technology economy.

Santa Catarina is the third most developed state in the country, the sixth largest economy in Brazil and the 2nd most competitive Brazilian state. In socioeconomic numbers, it surpasses neighboring states, as the 3rd in the highest income level and Human Development Index (HDI), in addition to the lowest poverty rate in the country.

The city airport complex was opened on October 1, 2019 by Zurich Airport and is currently considered the best in Brazil. The airport site has an area of ​​about 9 million square meters and about 1 million can be used for real estate development.

In the Master Plan carried out by Zurich Airport Brasil, the airport will have 4 major areas of sustainable and long-term development. They are: Central area, Logistics, Leisure and Retail.




  • National offshore hub 
  • Zurich Airport Brasil will build a New Passenger Terminal on site, with new business possibilities synergistic with the new terminal
  • With flexible lots, the real estate area allows direct access to the runway and patio system, the real estate development at the airport is suitable for logistics center, offices, education, maintenance center and others.


All projects must consider the conceptual design regulations and architectural harmony with other facilities and adjacent neighborhoods. Contact us: