Organizational structure

Organizational structure

The Corporate Governance of Zurich Airport Brasil is structured in 3 areas: Executive Board, Operations Department and Financial Department. Meet our directors:


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    Ricardo Gesse

    CEO | CEO

    • With long experience in the aviation sector, Ricardo Gesse has held leadership positions in airlines and airports. In Florianópolis, he was Director of Operations, from the beginning of the private administration of the airport, in January 2018, until December 2019, when he became General Director.
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    Johann Gigl

    CFO | CFO

    • Johann joined Zurich Airport Brasil in September 2020 and is currently Chief Financial Officer. He has also served at Zurich Airport Latin America (ZALA), the Group's India business and on the Bangalore International Airport Board. He also served at investment bank Credit Suisse in New York and Zurich.
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    Fabio Marques

    COO | Director of Operations

    • With more than 16 years of experience in the aviation industry, Fábio Marques has worked in different segments, such as airlines, ground handling companies and airports. Innovation and efficiency are his core values ​​and he is currently the COO of Zurich Airport Brasil.
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    Danilo Sesiki

    BCC | Commercial director

    • Danilo Sesiki is the director responsible for the Real Estate, Commercial and Marketing areas at Zurich Airport Brasil airports. With more than 16 years of experience in the development of new commercial businesses in different markets, such as real estate and airports. It passed through cities such as São Paulo, Campinas, Curitiba and Rio de Janeiro and landed at the dealership in July 2022.