Image gallery

Image gallery

Image gallery

The photos in the Gallery are available for download in high resolution and were produced by Zurich Airport Brasil. Images can be used to illustrate journalistic and informative content. 

Rules for using photographs 

The photos available in high resolution for download belong to the Image Bank of Zurich Airport Brasil and are free to use to illustrate journalistic articles and informative content referring to the airports of Florianópolis, Macaé and Vitória.  

Photos from the Image Bank may only be used according to the following criteria: 

  • For the illustration of informative and news content that aim to meet the public interest; 
  • For journalistic dissemination of projects carried out by Zurich Airport Brasil at its airports; 

It is not allowed to use the photos from the Image Bank in the following circumstances: 

  • In materials, publications or information with political or partisan propaganda; 
  • In materials, publications or information that contain messages of a prejudiced nature in relation to ethnicity, gender or social class; 
  • For commercial purposes. 

It is not authorized, under any circumstances, the commercialization of the photographs that make up the Image Bank of Zurich Airport Brasil.